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The Gibraltar Table Tennis Association - GTTA

The Gibraltar Table Tennis Association is the only Table Tennis club in Gibraltar. We provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere where amateur, and recreational players can gather to enjoy the game to their abilities and ambitions.

The GTTA is the governing body of table tennis in Gibraltar and, as such, work very closely with the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority and we are responsible for representing, co-ordinating, administering, marketing and developing the sport in close co-operation with related bodies such as the ITTF and Island Games Committee.

Our Mission and Goals

Our Working Mission Statement

The GTTA intends to uphold the principles of the ITTF and to absorb the spirit of friendship and mutual assistance among Associations and players to seek continual improvement in the technical standard of table tennis and in the extent of participation in the sport, to foster friendly sporting competition and to eliminate unfair and unsporting practices; to maintain the Laws of Table Tennis and the Regulations for all local and International Competitions. To promote and to supervise any locally hosted title competitions. We endeavour to increase participation at all levels, to enhance the popularity of the sport, to develop new sources of revenue, and to manage the sport through a systematic planning process to encourage players, coaches and officials to present the sport positively in the best ways so as to enhance its image.

We aim to maintain the level of coaching we can offer and our ultimate goal is to train and pass on the table tennis 'bug' to the next generation of players, whether they intend to play for recreation or as a competitive sport.

As members of the ITTF we are constantly keeping up to date with any news and try to be involved within the table tennis world as much as we can.
Currently we are excitedly looking forward to start preparations and building our teams for the Island Games 2019.

We would love to start a "Table Tennis Anywhere" movement, if there is space for a table, why not??? Work communal or rest areas, Social Clubs, Residential Estate Communal Areas; School playgrounds and Parks and beaches would all benefit from having a fixed or if necessary folding table. To make the most of our lovely weather, concrete table-tennis tables can be economic and easy to upkeep, thus giving our community a year-round variety of places where they can be active and enjoy a game or two with friends. This is still an idea but if you feel like we do and have any ideas or feedback get in touch with us.

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All the details of our 'meets' are on our allocations page so please pop by! Do you know someone who would benefit from having a recreational activity to occupy a couple of hours a week of their time? Let them know, spread the word. We are also looking for players to represent Gibraltar in the next Island Games (2019 hosted by our home country) and will be assisting the players in the run up to the games. You can also subscribe to our facebook page and 'like and share' our social media posts so through you we can reach a wider audience. Every little bit of promoting helps!

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If you were there you may see yourself, fun was had!! Thanks for your support!